"Anything that can be done to a rat can be done to a human being."



30th September to 2th October (2023)


Cartiera di Vas, Belluno (Italy)



  • Patron ticket


  • Regular ticket


  • Reduced ticket

Crowfounding: For each registration with a Patron ticket (Legend), a new Reduced ticket (Sprawler) will be available. That means that thanks to your generosity, a larper will be able to join with a reduced ticket!

how to sign up

Confirming your registration for the event is very simple:


  • Join the Association. It takes 5 minutes and a printer. Because Proxima is an association in good standing, you must be a full member to register for the event. However, for bureaucratic and insurance reasons, approval may take a few days. Fear not! Your spot will be reserved until you receive the approval email. https://proxima.larpmanager.com/membership 

Once payment is made, your registration will be confirmed!


Note: if you wish, you can defer the payment in 3 convenient tranches.

We also remind you that in order to participate in Proxima’s events you must be a member and pay the annual fee of 10 €. Proxima is a regularly registered Association, and becoming a member of Proxima will allow you to become an integral part of our world, participate in our initiatives and our events and be covered by a liability insurance, included in the card, that will allow you to enjoy our events with serenity.


Cyberpunk is an all-inclusive event. Ticket includes:


  • continuous entertainment for the duration of the game;
  • exclusive pre-event content, reserved for your character;
  • access to extra in-game digital materials;
  • presence of professional photographer in game and video footage of the event;
  • personalized advice on your costume, tutorials and useful links in the dedicated group, soon to be published;
  • all-inclusive food & beverage, for the duration of the event;
  • location in use for the event exclusively, set up with immersive scenery (movie set quality);
  • a night at the disco with open bar and DJ Set;
  • a personalized basic make-up for your character, by SFX Staff.


If CYBERPUNK will be your dream event, it would happen thanks to your support, too.


Actually, if you choose to buy a Legend ticket, you will contribute to make the aesthetic, technical and scenic system even more spectacular.


In addition, you will give us the opportunity to offer more reduced tickets, thus giving the opportunity to more people to attend the event: the more we are, the more we have fun.


To thank you for your support, we have reserved some surprises for you.


If you choose the Legend ticket, you will have much more chances to get the character you want. The assignment algorithm, in fact, will give a different weight to your choices, compared to those of other players.


Moreover, you will have a direct communication channel with the Staff, who will be ready to suggest you the character more in line with your desires and with the kind of experience you want to live!

time schedule

(All times are in Italy time zone, GMT+2)

Saturday 30 Sep: We ask you to be ready in costume at 15:00. (The bus from VRN will depart around 12:00). The game will end at 01:00. 

Sunday 01 Oct: The game will start at 09:30, and will end at 01:00.

Monday 02 Oct: The game will start at 09:30, and will end at 15:00. (The bus to VRN will arrive around 18:00). 

(If you want you can arrive on location the day before, on Friday 29 Sep, and leave the day after, on Tuesday 03 Oct. We’ll leave you a spot for sleeping in the shed)


Included in the ticket price, there will be a communal shed dedicated to sleeping and resting, separate from the play area and sheltered from rain, but without windows and/or heat insulation.

Keep in mind that the shed cannot be heated and that the minimum temperature for the period and region is between 10° and 15°, so we strongly recommend that you bring a tent, sleeping pad and sleeping bag.

If you wish, you can rent an air mattress (20€), a sleeping bag (30€), a 2-person tent (at a cost of 70€) or a 4-person tent (at a cost of 130€). The reserved tent can be shared with other players.

Ps. If you prefer, you can easily look for a b&b nearby. Since the event has a night break, we ask you to respect the start and end times of the game.

Sleep schedule

After 01:00 you can expect the game intensity to be significantly reduced. You can still play if you want, but don’t expect animation or other things from the staff. 


You can expect the game intensity to start again in the morning around 9:00.


There will be a shower container with 4 showers, with hot water. There will be an app to reserve a shower timeslot.


The usual maximum temperature (for the period and the location) is between 20° and 25°. The minimum is between 10° and 15°. We suggest you prepare a costume with layers, that you can put on or off depending on the hour of the day.


The meals included are from lunch of Saturday (30th September) to lunch of Monday (2th October). They will be provided in-game. There will be a menu of options from which to choose from. There will be veg and vegetarian options, as well options compatible with the most common allergies. 


Unfortunately, we are not able to provide celiac options. Please contact us if you have this need.

Getting there

A bus shuttle will be available from Verona. It will make two stops, one at the closest airport (VRN – Valerio Catullo), and one in the city center. You can reserve it during signup at the cost of 30€.



Outward trip: You can choose to join one of the two outward shuttle; one leaving from Verona on Friday (29th September) around 21:00, and the other leaving on Saturday (30th September) around 12:00 (noon).


Return trip: You can choose to join one of the two return shuttle; one that will come back to Verona on Monday (2th October) around 16:00, and the other coming back to Verona on Tuesday (3th October) around 12:00 (noon).


We will update the precise timetables in the following months. 



Alternatively, you can reach the location by car. In this case, you can also arrive on the evening of Friday (29th September) or leave on Tuesday (3th October).


We will present the character’s concepts (teasers), and you’ll be able to express a preference on the ones you’d like to play. 


Players with Legend and Samurai will have the chance to book a meeting directly with the plot writing team, to receive personalized suggestions of the preferences to input.


We will assign the characters with an algorithm that will strive to satisfy everyone – giving priority to the tickets “Legend”.


You will receive a character sheet less than two months before the larp. Our plot writing team will design all the plots and relationships of your character.


You can sell or donate the ticket to another player. In this case, please let us know of your arrangements as soon as you can. 


Note that the help we can provide you in finding a replacement player is limited – please don’t expect us to do it for you. 


Additionally: the casted characters are not attached to tickets. Once a registration is cancelled, all rights to the assigned character will be lost. We’ll work with you to find a suitable solution, but don’t expect to “sell” a character.


All scenes are opt-in and there will be no in-game consequences for not playing a scene. If you have further questions on accessibility, please contact us.


Limited mobility: The location has many stairs, and it is not wheelchair accessible. We can arrange special conditions for your characters (f.e. a powerful Corp that finds hideous to go down in the Sprawl), but we can’t guarantee you’ll be able to explore all game areas.


Other than that, there is no need to have a good athletic condition to play the larp – however we discourage players with limited mobility or prone to get easily fatigued to choose the RONIN playstyle, being the only one that will require a certain degree of physical strain to be played fully.


Limited hearing: Many in-game information are provided by Tracks, digital audio recording to be listened to on your own smartphone. If you have trouble understanding one of those, we’ll provide you with a text translation. 


Limited vision: The game features a game app, to be used on your smartphone. We had players in the past that managed to use it with their own smartphone app for impaired vision. Please contact us to check if it works also for you.


The Vas paper mill is a complex of industrial archaeology of great cultural and aesthetic interest. Starting from the mid-seventeenth century, it was one of the largest and most important paper mills in northern Italy with products exported throughout the Mediterranean, from Spain to the Turkish Ottoman Empire.


Thanks to a team of set designers and SFX artists, the structure will be set up in style, until it becomes the beating heart of Sprawl. Disco, corporate laboratories, fight cages and mysterious ruins are just some of the features present in the game area. We will give life to a 360° illusion.