"The sky above the port was the color of television, tuned to a dead channel."


Check out what is going to be in the LARP (or not), our way of playing, how we’re going to keep you safe, and meet the crazy and beautiful people behind all of this!

The game

From CYBERPUNK, you can expect to live for three days in a ruthless and alienated world where outcasts and scumbags fight over the few scraps of humanity that are left.


Your life will be a constant struggle for survival, a never-ending fight against rival gangs and powerful Corpos to take control over the slums. You will forget what the daylight looks like, and you will get used to the smell of junk food filling the air of that rat hole you call home.


Blades and guns, money and power, hacking and information trafficking. You will need every last weapon at your disposal to steal the few fragments of freedom that are left.


Beware, though, as behind the corner are hiding those questions you don’t want answered.

Because wounds heal, but awareness of what you have become doesn’t.




The Future is here, and Technology has made all our dreams come true. We can now eradicate every disease and heal every wound. We can even push ourselves further, enhancing our bodies and minds to become stronger, faster, smarter. Cyberpunk will feature many technological and scientific achievements available to the players, starting from an innovative in-game communication system that will allow characters to exchange texts, money, photos and data in real-time, and even more.




This is the Sprawl, a world where “If you are not selling your neighbor, you are the one who’s being sold”. Cyberpunk will present you with a degraded and fragmented society, where only the greedy and ruthless can make it until the next day. Governments, social services, individual freedom: everything is gone, dismantled piece by piece by the Mega-Corps, multinational companies that gained so much power they can now operate like small nations.




Everyone loves power. There’s no point denying it. But many are afraid of its price. During the game, all characters will have the choice to augment themself, replacing their biological parts with powerful cybernetics. But this act will always take something from them, something they may think it’s not useful or important anymore. That’s the question Cyberpunk always poses: how much of yourself are you willing to sacrifice, just to survive one more day?