discover the different factions that will struggle for dominance in the age of red


Will you be a charming and influential agent of a Corp, ready to eliminate your opponents with elegance and ruthlessness?

Or will you be a Gang member, accustomed to living in the dirt and filth of the Sprawl, waiting for redemption at all costs?

Or will you be a Nomad, accustomed to life on the tarmac, watching these two strange worlds in curiosity, trying to figure out how you can make more money out of them?




If you want to know who is in charge here, don’t look for the biggest or the meanest.
The ones who really have the power – well, they are the ones who are dressed up as penguins. Why? Because they can afford it. They have so much money that not even what you make in a lifetime would make them blink, and they have fewer concerns than the last of the wasted looking for a fix. They are the top managers of Ganova. Try to ingratiate yourself with them nicely, because if the sharks decide you end up at the bottom of the food chain, the only thing you can do is ask for mercy and beg to be allowed to lick their shoes.

Experience: This group has a leadership and a managerial game. They will have to manage human resources and capital to get their results. No military power, but more political power. Choose this group if you like to give play to others and to receive play consequently. Not recommended if you want to do a lot of active first-person play.



These are crazy. Like, really crazy. They claim to be harmless scientists. But trust me: when they turn around to talk to you, you’re in big trouble. Best case scenario, they’ve got their eyes on you as a guinea pig – and they can’t wait to cut you open. They have an open account with Ganova. Credits, materials, tools… The ringleaders are careful to supply them with whatever they ask for. Anything. Because they know there is only one thing that matters: results. And the R&D wackos make sure they get them. Always. And at any price.

Experience: Potentially very free game, on the other hand requires a good deal of resourcefulness since there are no set binaries. Select this group if you adore debating on avverinistic scientific research. Discuss new avenues and possibilities with your colleagues as the desperate screams of the guinea pigs you have captured for your experiments fall on deaf ears.



Hey cowboy, do you see that shadow following you among the fuzzy filaments of the net? Like a gun in an alley, the neon-lit metal. Silent masks, without fear, without care. They have many names you know, but no one really knows who they are: the Hands and Eyes of Ganova, the Operatives, as we know them. No matter what they are doing: a corporate espionage operation against another Corp, or an assault among the streets. If you see them, you’re dead. No one challenges them, no one looks for them: there’s only one thing you can do if you have them at your door. Try to escape.

Experience: Choose this group if you want a game based on espionage, investigation and corporate warfare. A group of operatives determined to solve the crisis, in the truest experience of the agent on the verge of meltdown from the the mission’s pressure. You will have all the resources of a Megacorp to get what you want, the Sprawl is your realm. So is the responsibility for failure.



They said there’s no place for bushido, for the way of the Samurai, in the streets of the Sprawl – but today ginkgo leaves are the herald of Ganova. Samurai, or assassins based on the version of the story, emerged from the tales of the past. According to some, the Ginkgo sold their souls and beliefs to become NeoCorp dogs. Think what you will choom, just be careful not to say it to their faces. In the  Arcology they do the will of their masters – who make sure to get the loyalty of their samurai by filling them with all the chrome they demand.

Experience: Choose this group if you want the experience of playing sprawlers at the NeoCorp’s service – with all the advantages and problems that being a corporate dog entails. A group of samurai who seem to come from another era, who must choose what is more important: their bushido or their survival.

paradise lost


Many consider them failures, and maybe they are. Drug addicts, vicious people and bastards – fill them with insults all you want, but in the end everyone goes after them. Even you. Because they are the only ones you can get Track from, since they are now extremely rare. They are the last ones. The unwanted ones. They have only one law: anyone who has wronged them will suffer their vengeance. And they are ready to swear it to anyone. If you are like them, if you don’t want to hide in a hole and cry, but want to take charge of your life and fulfill your dreams–join Paradise Lost!

Experience: This group has a strong drive from personal play in a diverse and often quarrelsome group because of their own ambitions. This group is not suitable if you are looking for a strong group and characters with lots of power. Instead, it is perfect if you want to play relationship and revenge game with excessive aesthetics and experience a ditructive and self-destructive character. In short, if you want to set the world on fire.



Shh! take it easy. Do you see those? Do you see the chrome? They call it heavy metal. Don’t let them see you, for them any excuse to flatline someone is good, even if it’s just for a laugh! Not here, but in their fucking Arena where the laws of the City go fuck themselves. Are they cyberpsychotic? Some, but not all. They are even worse: they really don’t give a fuck about anything. Nothing at all! You know? Now that has to scare you! Only violence, and especially theirs, in that damn place–that’s the only thing that matters.

Experience: Choose this group if you like a violent game with no care for tomorrow where only Arena fighting, Sprawl brutality, and Cyberpsychosis matter. Laugh in the face of NeoCorp’s overwhelming power because strength is everything. You have to be crazy to climb to the top. After all, what’s the alternative? To be one of the corpses piling up at the bottom.



Those are a pack of stray dogs, believe me Choom. They assault and raid corporate convoys by  orders of Ganova and they even have the nerve to say that they are “for libertad” and that ” only El Desierto can command them.” All bullshit. In the end they live by reselling the contents of the trucks they capture, all to take pills to keep them from dying. There’s one thing to be said, though: if you need something, take a look at their merchandise, every once in a while you’ll find something there that even they don’t expect.

Experience: This group has a strong resource management component. It has very close ties within itself, and a xenophobia toward other groups. Their characterization is strongly ethnic, inspired by Hispanic-American culture (Latinx). In addition, this group has a strong philosophical component, almost bordering on the spiritual side. The internal theme deals with terminal health conditions.



Choom, those are the ones that give me the creeps when they walk by in their funereal masks. They have this thing about death. “It’s a level,” they say. “Memento mori,” they whisper. But I’ll tell you, it’s all bullshit, eventually they come back from the dead just like the rest of us do if someone blows their brains out, a bit hypocritical don’t you think? Life and death in a roll of the dice. Of course without their juggernaut you wouldn’t go into cyberspace – so wink at them, pretend to believe their bullshit, and everything will be fine. Kind of.

Experience: Introspective experience characterized by human relationship with death and its facets and the realization of a higher purpose. Suitable for those who want a strongly intimate game while maintaining a good dose of action. Remember, “a dangerous mission makes us feel alive.”
The group has a strong component of ethnic inspiration drawn from vodoo and Aztec culture.