have you played the previous chapter? this page is for you!


We are planning an entirely new activity for players who have participated in the previous episode – but it will also be available to first-time arrivals. 


Any player who has played a CYBERPUNK event will be able to propose to the writing staff an item that happened in that event, which might be included in the RELOADED story. It may be a specific event, a part of the previous history, or a consequence of that event; whatever it is, we will do our best to make it a living, tangible element in the game world. 


First-timers, on the other hand, will be able to suggest a game element of the new RELOADED setting. It may be the cue for a NeoCorp, or a City faction interested in what Chiba Station hides. Whatever it is, it might be the foundation on which the writing staff will build the new story.

But then, my character from the previous episode?

In Cyberpunk, what happened a year ago is medieval stuff. Five years ago, prehistory. And for the events of CYBERPUNK LARP we are talking about events almost thirty years ago. In game terms, anything that happened in the previous runs will have to be considered a legend, told in the evening at the bar over glasses of synthetic whiskey. 


Only one thing matters: this is a new era, with new protagonists. But hey, you can choose what your old character’s fate was. Whether it was the grave, glory, or retirement. And if you really want to play on the edge, you can even choose that it was a mentor, or an antagonist, of your new character.

But then -- should I throw away the costume from the previous episode?

Hey, hey, man, don’t get ahead of yourself. Because this is an era that has recovered after the logistical disaster following the Fourth Corporate War. And the DNB. Do you want the short version? Fine, I’ll spare you the whole parrot about the immense organizational/logistical difficulties in getting a global production chain back on its feet from scratch after the equivalent of a world war, and make it easy for you.


It’s tremendously difficult to get your hands on new stuff. What was preem in the 2020’s is still in style today, just vintage. No one will call you a gonk-wearing choom for using an old jacket. So what? It’s perfectly presumably that your new character is reusing parts of the old one’s costume. He may have found them, obtained them, traded them, stolen them. No matter what, in this new era, you have to make do with what was left behind. The only important thing: don’t make it the same. Introduce some new elements, swap them with costume pieces from other players. 


In general, the costume style of RELOADED will be closer to post-apoc. Remnants of gleaming pre-Bomb technology will be put together with tattered and salvaged clothes.