"if they can't handle the pressure, they shouldn't be playing cyberpunk" (m.p.)

is this for me?

Cyberpunk is a cruel, and unforgiving setting. We’ll do our best to represent it, in all of its aspects.

What to expect

  • A degraded and fragmented society; painful representation of the societal crisis inevitably brought by unrestrained capitalism.
  • High competition between players and groups, small room for collaboration, high chances of betrayal.
  • Moral corruption, a slow degradation of your character, drifting away towards removal of any humanity left.
  • Constant questioning on who you are, what you have become, and the concept itself of identity.
  • An unforgiving end of your character. If you play your cards right, it will be legendary.
  • Cyberpsychosis – a metaphor for rampant and untreated mental illnesses.
  • Emotionally tough plots and play, as well as dark play themes such as emotional abuse, violence, cruelty and drug consumption.
  • Play on abuse, emotional & physical violence and inhumane moral standards. It may also include shouting and aggressive body language.  
  • A mix of organizer & player-driven plot and play (We encourage co-creativity and players telling stories on their own initiative as well as providing plot ourselves)
  • A pre-written character with relations and an assigned primary group (You are encouraged to make relations of your own as well)
  • To be photographed during the game.

What not to expect

  • An “everyone lived happily ever after” ending
  • That your character will be able to carry out their goals successfully
  • Solving the plots through diplomacy and collaboration
  • Nudity, Sexual acts, Body discrimination, Sexual violence (they will not be element of plots and there will be no scenes during the event, but in the setting they are still very normal topics of conversation)

NOTE: All characters will be genderless. This LARP will not play on genders.